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“This app asks about your travel style — like the sorts of places you prefer to stay and the cuisines that make your mouth water — before offering itineraries and recommendations of things to do”

Smart trip planner

Una is a smart travel app that helps you plan your best trip with personalized suggestions for activities, restaurants and where to stay in the middle of all your stops.

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Plan your best trip in minutes

Una recommends the best travel experiences for you, based on your preferences and millions of reviews.

Restaurants & Places

Hotels & Activities

Hikes & Outdoors

Pre-built itineraries

Discover a better way to travel

Food & Drinks

Romantic dinner? Drinks with a view?

Local Landmarks

Monuments & cultural spots you don't want to miss

Hiking & Parks

Looking for a sunset walk or a waterfall?

Safer Travel

Easily find outdoor seating & activities

The Perfect Stay

Book your hotel near the spots you saved


Free cancellation up to the last minute

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Smart Travel

Simply take the quiz and start using the app to get your personalized travel recommendations.

Una suggests destinations, activities, and accommodations based on your preferences.


Trips created


Hotels worldwide


Travel experiences

Explore new destinations

Ready to go itineraries crafted by popular travel guides & magazines with a selection of:

Top Hotels
Best Restaurants & Bars

Seasonal things to do
Hidden gems

& more

Find cool things to do

Una helps you craft a custom itinerary by suggesting all kinds of travel experiences based on your preferences.

Nearby suggestions
Multiple sports categories

Local arts & Culture

Book with confidence

Smart hotel recommendations

Get suggestions on where to say based on your preferences. Pet-friendly hotel? no problem!

Perfect location

Book your hotel near the spots you plan on visiting. Less hassle makes for a much better trip.

Best price guarantee 

Access exclusive hotel deals including free cancellation. We even offer price matching!

Book your perfect trip in minutes




Una in the news

“Make trips easier to plan and enjoy” 

Jan 02, 2022

"Curates collaborative itineraries based on interests"

Aug 15, 2021

"Digital assistant that can make trip planning less of a chore"

Nov 01, 2021

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